Border Pix n Art
Canberra Royal & Flyball

Here's some pix of family & friends @ Canberra Royal.  It was
a day of mixed emotions.  The joy of the babies, Clanheath
Whata Surprise and Clanheath Cause A Riot taking out Baby
& Opposite Baby of Breed (not forgetting their brother Clanheath Just Cause who was placed a respectable second), soon disappeared  when we took time out to watch another "Clanheath" kid, Digger, compete in Fly Ball only to find out that he had gone missing on Friday night after being frightened by the fireworks. 

I'm pleased to say that there is a happy end to the story.  After exhaustive searches all weekend failed to find him he was spotted Sunday afternoon making his way up the highway (towards Sydney) by some wonderful person that must have seen the posters and, as
I understand it, took the time to stop, call him into their car and return him to his distraught owners. 


The Fly Ball pix below are of some of Digger's team, Sydney Physcos, performing on Saturday.