There has not been a dog training issue that Raelene has not been able to resolve for us.
We have Italian Greyhounds which are the smallest member of the Sighthound breeds.
They can be difficult to work with and have minds of their own.


Raelene has been able to get through to them and outsmart them in usually one or a
few training sessions.  Sometimes I have despaired that I well ever "get them going".

One puppy we had refused to walk on a lead, she got him going over several lessons
and in the latter part of 2013 he won a Runner Up Best in Show.  A very difficult
dog for those first few weeks.


Raelene has a natural affinity with the dogs and can quickly see what behaviour
needs our attention.  She also observes the owners behaviour as well and assists
dog and owner to work together as one.  Her techniques are gentle and consistent
and she provides "homework"  that can be easily practiced.


I was the most impressed when I had injured my hand and couldn't hold a lead.  Raelene
came and trained me and three Iggies using only food.  She had us all going in literally
30 minutes - quite amazing!


We only have high praise for Raelene and would recommend her to anyone who has
any kind of issues with their canine friends.


Graham Sporne & Maryanne Ashton-Sporne
Giocattolo Italian Greyhounds




I would like to thank you Raelene for all the work you have helped me with fixing Gidget.
With all you have taught her and me, with your dedication and knowledge making Gidget
a better dog whose injury was causing her and I grief has been a god send.


I have been able to use all you have taught me towards helping my other dogs to be
 aware of themselves and how they move.  You are one clever lady.  Please keep me in
mind when you have your workshops as I believe with how little I know and your
expansive wealth of knowledge I am always willing to learn more.


Again thank from Gidget and myself and of course the rest of the pack.


Peta - Hillmagic German Shepherds




   I'm the owner of three very lively working dog and I also foster working dogs
for rescue.  Raelene has provided invaluable guidance and consultation not only
in relation to our resident dogs who have enjoyed learning Nosework and experiencing
TTouch with her but she has also provided formal consults for a number of rescue
dogs - both my foster dogs and the dogs of fellow foster carers.   T
hese dogs have
a range of behavioural issues, from more serious one like dog reactivity through
to severe timidity arising out of insufficient socialisation.  I have asked Raelene
to provide formal consults in relation to dog introductions when the adopting family's
resident dog might not be entirely welcoming of a new addition to the pack and
have referred new adopting families to her to facilitate a rescue dog's transition
into its new home.  I have also referred friends with dog training queries to Raelene.
These dogs are different breeds and have different training needs.


Raelene is extremely generous with her time and always has very practical advice

that is specifically tailored for the dog in question.  Raelene is clearly a dog lover, not
breedist at all and she is refreshingly non-judgemental of the dog but frank with me
so that I can improve my handling skills.


Clara from Canberra

e dogs of fellow


Seems funny writing a testimonial for your partner but long before we were partners
I was reminded that Raelene, who had recently returned from Japan, might be able to
help me with movement/pain issues with one of my boys and "silliness" issues with one
 of my girls, a singleton pup, who because of injury I was no longer able to handle
and didn't want to be handled by anyone else. 


TTouch was the answer to both of these problems helping both of them achieve their
titles and Ttouch is still the answer in our household whenever we have problems
whether it's tiny babies or our precious oldies.


Edwina Bevk
Dragonsmir Border Collies














Canberra - Australia

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